A unique glimpse into Earth’s diverse and pristine environments

29 February

To experience the world’s natural beauty, landscapes, and untouched wilderness, you might consider visiting the following destinations, each offering a unique glimpse into Earth’s diverse and pristine environments.   Each of these destinations...[Read More]

A Journey through the world’s top culinary destinations

22 February

Exploring the world’s top culinary destinations is a feast for the senses, offering a blend of traditional flavours and innovative gastronomy. Here are some of the most renowned places known for their exceptional culinary experiences:   Tokyo,...[Read More]

Ultimate Road Trip Checklist: Navigating Your Next Adventure with Ease

15 February

Planning a road trip can be an exciting adventure, offering a unique blend of freedom, discovery, and bonding opportunities. Whether you’re exploring familiar landscapes or venturing into unknown territories, preparation is key to ensuring a...[Read More]

Architectural wonders: A journey through time and culture

8 February

When it comes to experiencing cultural architecture, the world is rich with destinations that showcase the history, art, and innovation of human civilization. Here are some top destinations known for their distinctive architectural...[Read More]

Preparing your pet for going on a holiday

26 October

Are you getting ready for a long-awaited holiday? You probably have plenty of preparation and planning to do, especially if you have pets. Whether taking your pet with you or leaving it with a trusted caregiver, there is still much to take care...[Read More]

Activities to try in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond

21 September

Every stage of life offers unique opportunities for personal growth and well-being, both physical and mental. Whether you’re in your 20s or beyond your 50s, there’s always something new to try that can keep you active and mentally stimulated....[Read More]

Up to 250,000 workers could get electric car discount

9 August

As many as 250,000 Australian workers could unlock significant electric vehicle discounts after a change to small business software that will automate car leases. The change, from accounting platform MYOB, could help more than 100,000 businesses...[Read More]

How to Travel on a Budget: Getting the Most Out of Your Trip

6 July

When wanderlust beckons, it’s easy to dream of jet-setting to exotic locations. However, those dreams could be held back by budgetary constraints. The good news? Budget travel — because going on a holiday out of town doesn’t have to break the...[Read More]

Top destinations to visit for young families

29 June

Everyone can find something to enjoy in Australia’s many towns and natural wonders, from kiddie explorers and beach-loving teenagers to culture-hungry adults and foodies of all ages. Good thing there are plenty of places to see and experience in...[Read More]

Please enjoy a safe and happy Easter

5 April

Easter offers the opportunity to share goodwill and gratitude with friends, family and colleagues. May your basket be filled with Easter eggs and your life filled with joy during this Easter weekend. If you are travelling, please be safe. Happy...[Read More]

Bonza takes to the sky with first Australian flight

1 February

It’s wheels up for Australia’s newest airline as Bonza hopes to fill an aviation niche by offering low-cost flights on under-serviced routes. Speaking from the carrier’s base on the Sunshine Coast, CEO Tim Jordan said the first flight has been...[Read More]

Baby Boomers most likely to create electric car boom

1 February

Interest in electric vehicles is rising in Australia and Baby Boomers have become the most likely generation to buy one of the next-generation vehicles, according to new research. The survey of 1040 Australian drivers found electric cars had become...[Read More]

Electric trucks to score power boost

25 January

Electric delivery trucks may clear another speed bump to adoption after Ampol revealed plans to install commercial chargers for larger vehicles at its Australian service stations. The petrol giant announced a partnership with local mobility firm SEA...[Read More]

Call to make caravan parks EV hotspots

18 January

Australia’s 2600 caravan parks could be transformed into a national electric vehicle charging network covering regional and rural areas under a new proposal. The Caravan Industry Association of Australia has issued a call for commercial and...[Read More]

Aust firm building biggest electric ferry

18 January

An Australian firm is building what could be the world’s largest electric ferry, designed to transport thousands of passengers and vehicles in a development that could set a worldwide trend. The company behind the vessel, Incat Tasmania, has...[Read More]